Day: July 23, 2020

Re-Imagine Limerick’s Georgian Laneways: Green Museum II

As part of +CityxChange project, Limerick city is hoping to create a new community to drive innovation and fight climate change by working towards a positive energy city!

Limerick Mental Health Association is one of five community groups selected for this pilot programme and have partnered with the Hunt Museum and GBM to work on the ‘’Green Museum II’’ collaborative project to re-design and upgrade Jesuit Lane in Limerick City. Limerick’s Community Led Open Innovation Project will focus on the Georgian Neighbourhood and develop solutions for Laneways and Citizen Sensing supports. The Green Museum II project aims at bringing the Museum to the laneway, with CO2 absorbing plants -as a service to the environment.

Using images from the Hunt Museum Collection and the Limerick City Museum, makers from LMHA Women’s and Community Groups will hold workshops with a professional designer to create a recycled metal repoussé trellises to hang in Jesuit Lane. These trellises, interwoven with plants that diminish C02, are aesthetically pleasing and of benefit to the environment. The lane will be maintained by the community, which should reduce anti-social behaviour while encouraging locals and tourists to make use of  the lane.

The Mural Competition Design Brief

‘To create a destination mural as part of the Green Urban Museum (GUM II) laneways project on Jesuit Lane in the heart of Georgian Limerick in the heart of Limerick City.

The mural which will be chosen through an open submission competition process. Artists will be asked to reflect on the significance of Georgian Architecture when designing a mural for a building on Jesuit Lane. Jesuit Lane lies within the heart of Georgian Limerick once a thriving part of the city this mural will be an important element of the overall design for greening & reimagining this urban laneway.

Taking the theme of Evolving Limerick as inspiration, the mural should illustrate the Georgian heritage of the building and complement the overall laneway design. The final mural will be integral to the overall design and act as a welcoming and intriguing focal point to encourage the public to use the laneway and reconnect the people of Limerick to these shared spaces by creating an enjoyable and safe shortcut through the city.

The winning artist will receive a bursary of €500, (to include a contract for mural and one maintenance visit of the mural for a period within 6 months). The chosen artist must be available to complete the mural before Culture Night 18th September 2020.’

Key dates for mural competition:

Submissions open: July 17th, 2020

Deadline for submissions: August 18th

Wall preparations & installation to begin: September 1st, 2020

Launch of mural & GUM II project: Culture Night: Friday, September 18th, 2020