Day: February 4, 2021

Creative ways of collaborating: Smart Písek joins Urbania

Like many other cities in Europe, Písek has had to rethink how to organize meetings and spaces for collaboration during the times of COVID-19. One of the affected events is the Bold City Vision programme organised by our +CityxChange partner Smart Písek. The programme intended to kick off in the municipal schools in early 2021, piloting The UN Sustainable Development Goals  -related activities for high-schools. Thanks to the resourcefulness of Písek, the programme will now go online as a part of the Urbania exhibition. 

Running from December 2020 to late March 2021, eight original multimedia installations offer visitors the opportunity to become the administrator of an imaginary, and yet familiar, Living City. Through the interactive installations, visitors can explore and utilize eight different principles on which organic and sustainable urban governance is based. Originally exhibited in Prague in the beginning of 2020, Sladovna Písek, in cooperation with Smart Písek, has now tailored the exhibition for the specific context of the city of Písek.

More information (in Czech) of the exhibition can be found here