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D3.2: Delivery of the citizen participation playbook

The deliverable 3.2, Delivery of the citizen participation playbook, was submitted by Colaborativa.eu in February 2020. Following, the executive summary...

SCIS Citizen Engagement Solution Booklet

Cities around the world are looking for ways to address the true needs of their citizens, with a deep level of engagement and co-agency. At the same time, citizens themselves are eager to have more impact on their living environment.

SCIS Positive Energy Districts solution booklet

Positive Energy Districts (PEDs) are gaining importance, both as urban innovation labs and as concrete, on-the-ground projects for creating future...

D6.5: Report on community participation and playground results

The deliverable D8.4: Report on IPR protection plans, agreements and exploitation plans was submitted by Space Engagers (SE), Colaborative (COL),...