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The deliverable D6.6 Report on management of +CityxChange replication in Alba Iulia was submitted by Alba Iulia in October 2023. The executive summary of the deliverable is available below and the full deliverable is at the end for download:

“The current document presents the D6.6 – Implementation Report of Municipality of Alba Iulia in the context of the +CityxChange project, showcasing the successful replication of Demonstration Projects (DPs) inspired by the Lighthouse Cities (LHCs) Trondheim and Limerick within the +CityxChange (CxC) consortium. This transformational journey has been driven by a vision to become a smart and sustainable city, leveraging data-driven strategies, enhancing energy efficiency, fostering community engagement, and driving innovation.

One of the significant actions taken was the implementation of the Decision Support Tool (DST) – DP01: Model -, enabling simulations for the First netZero building and facilitating the development of the Feasibility Study. Alba Iulia replicated the LHCs’ data-driven approach in creating the Bold City Vision (BCV) – DP02: Vision – process and mapping Strategic City Interventions (SCIs) – DP06: DPEB -, ensuring seamless integration into the Smart City Strategy. This data-driven focus also led to the generation of essential strategic documents, instrumental for EU projects and the overall development of the city -DP11: Invest -.

The focus on energy efficiency was exemplified by the Demonstration Project DPEB, where Alba Iulia successfully secured funding for the development of the Positive Energy Block (PEB) site. Charging stations for electric vehicles were installed in the PEB vicinity – DP08: EmaaS, and the city procured electric buses, minibuses, and associated charging infrastructure to promote sustainable mobility solutions for its residents.

Community engagement – DP03: Engage – was a priority of the Municipality during the project as demonstrated through initiatives like the Tech Generation program, fostering the growth of digital specialists locally. The “Digital Literacy” program and “Learn to Code” initiatives nurtured digital literacy and contributed to the growth of the local IT environment. Alba Iulia’s first Climathon event addressed local climate and energy challenges, while participatory budgeting projects empowered citizens in local decision-making. The city actively supported and promoted climate-friendly SMEs, with a particular focus on Delphi Electric, the first to launch a net-zero building locally.

The establishment of the Innovation Centre – DP05: Playground – served as a pivotal milestone, acting as a central hub for fostering innovation and entrepreneurial initiatives throughout the city. Alba Iulia leveraged various community engagement channels, such as Facebook and press releases, to effectively communicate updates and developments, driving citizen participation and awareness.

Through energy efficiency projects like apartment rehabilitation and smart home pilots, Alba Iulia exemplified its commitment to sustainability. The city’s dedication to becoming a smart and sustainable hub is embodied in the elaboration of the Bold City Vision Plan 2050, envisioning a prosperous future.

Among the key outcomes and achievements in Alba Iulia we can mention:

Completion of the Feasibility Study for the creation of a PED site in the city, examining the possible collaborations to make this possible and the key environmental factors along with the Smart City Interventions necessary for PED realisation..

Development of a Bold City Vision for 2050 for the municipality, setting ambitious targets in sustainability developments and citizen engagement activities.

Hosting the first Climathon edition at a city level with a number of different outreach activities and innovative forms of communication, to highlight the importance of climate neutrality to various stakeholder groups in the city.

Lastly, through Demonstration Project Invest, Alba Iulia secured funding for the PEB site, while identifying additional funding sources, including EU funding, National Resilience and Recovery funds, municipality green bonds, to further support the city’s sustainable development. It is worth mentioning also the expansion of projects of the municipality worth over 60 million Euros in the areas of the PEB regarding mobility (building dedicated buses and bike lanes, acquiring electric busses, installing car and bus chargers), public lighting, and energy efficiency of buildings (geothermal energy for elderly centre, solar energy for Olympic swimming pool).

The current report encapsulates Alba Iulia’s journey towards becoming a smart and sustainable city. By replicating successful Demonstration Projects from Lighthouse Cities, Alba Iulia has set a compelling example for other cities aspiring to create a resilient, innovative, and sustainable urban ecosystem. The city’s achievements and insights shared in this report are intended to inspire and guide other cities on their path to sustainable urban development.

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