D6.9 Report on management of +CityxChange replication in Smolyan

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The deliverable D6.9 Report on management of +CityxChange replication in Smolyan was submitted by Smolyan in October 2023. The executive summary of the deliverable is available below and the full deliverable is at the end for download:

“This document summarises the activities of the city of Smolyan as a Follower City in the +CityxChange project including the replication of the solutions implemented by the Lighthouse cities (LHCs). The document shows the whole journey of Smolyan in the frame of the project and presents individual cases of replication, including the process of replication and the adaptation to the local context.

The introduction of the document describes the baseline situation in Smolyan in relation to the intended innovations and replications. It then goes on to define the area of interest, both geographically and technically. This is followed by a brief introduction to the demonstration projects (DPs) chosen by Smolyan for replication and an overview of the stakeholders involved.

In the next section (3. Demonstration projects in Smolyan), the document provides information on the individual demonstration projects, starting with prototyping the future though the Model (3.1.1), PEB implementation and legacy (3.2.1), developing Electric Mobility as a Service (eMaaS) t (3.2.2), creating the Bold vision for the future (3.3.1) citizen engagement (3.3.2) and the support of the innovation playground framework (3.3.3) and the investment pipeline (3.3.4) In each of these subchapters it is possible to find valuable project outputs, but it is possible to particularly highlight subchapters 3.3.1 BCV and 3.3.2 Engage.

The city of Smolyan achieved significant success in the area of citizen engagement, especially in the development of the next generation Smart Citizens, learning from the experience of the LHCs and looking for innovative tools and approaches to involve the youth in the BCV development and shaping the city’s future.

Vital parts in each of the chapters are the discussions of the outcomes, results and the lessons learned which is essential for the understanding of the impact of the +CityxChange project on a local level.

The document concludes with a summary of the most important outcomes of the project for Follower City Smolyan and recommendations for further work within the city and specifically in the area of PEB implementation”

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