4th +CityxChange Consortium Meeting

October 18-27th, 2021

On the 18th of October, the +CityxChange project kicked off its fourth consortium meeting. This time, the consortium meeting will be held over 1.5 weeks with a series of smaller sessions to share project updates and hearing the challenges and key learnings from each city. The meeting brings together all project partners including Lighthouse and Follower Cities.  

The project is heading into its fourth year of the five-year project and focusing on the finalization and replication phase. With over 69 deliverables submitted and a significant number of milestones achieved, the project team is proud of the ongoing dedication and commitment, especially under extra-ordinary conditions over the last year and a half. 

Over the 1.5 weeks, the project partners across Europe were immersed in fruitful sessions online, each one led by Follower and Lighthouse Cities. The results and outcomes shared by the cities included news on deployment, citizen engagement and replication efforts within their respective demonstration areas, Positive Energy Blocks and Districts. Furthermore, some sessions included an interactive storytelling workshop surrounding topics of Youth Engagement, Sustainable Energy Transition, E-Mobility and generally disseminating the activation of various projects in an engaging way.

This moment also became an opportunity for cross-learning and exchange throughout the sessions, where city partners and other project members discussed common challenges faced as well as commended each other for their success. Despite the challenges and barriers posed by the global health pandemic, the project team celebrated the various achievements of the FCs and LHCs and reflected on how to move toward the future in a positive, smart and inclusive way.

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