Demo Projects

+CityxChange develops feasible and realistic demonstration projects in climate-friendly and sustainable urban environments. The demonstration projects are developed in the Lighthouse Cities (Limerick, Rep. of Ireland and Trondheim, Norway) and will be replicated in five Follower Cities (Alba Iulia, Romania; Sestao, Spain; Pisek, Czech Republic; Smolyan, Bulgaria and Voru, Estonia).

Demonstrations to be carried out in the Lighthouse and Follower Cities will fall into 3 categories:

  • enabling a common energy market
  • creating connected communities
  • recommendations for new policy interventions, market regulations and business models.
Below are detailed explanation pages for the demo profiles. 

Improve the quality of life

These demonstration projects will showcase how digital technologies can be exploited to improve the quality of life, make cities more climate-friendly and productive, and facilitate business development.

The demonstration projects will be used to validate and improve the model using an iterative approach. The model will then be exploited to develop a framework for how these demonstrations can be scaled up and replicated across a district, a city and the wider European region.

The success of the demonstration projects will then be monitored and evaluated, and the results will be used to refine these processes and technologies so that they can be replicated in the Following Cities and beyond.

Horizon Europe Results Platform

Here you can find our project on the EU Innovation Radar on the Horizon Europe Results Platform.

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