DPEB Learning and Education Portfolio

The Framework for DPEB Learning and Education is a research-informed model comprising a set of principles, accompanied by a portfolio of learning activities, including descriptions and links to original and existing content, adapted for different age groups, backgrounds and types of situations.

Learning Activities

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The Next Generation Smart Citizens are Here!

By becoming aware of our consumption habits, making wise choices when it comes to using clean, renewable energy and becoming involved in energy production we are all – young, mature and elderly citizens- adapting to a new era. 

You can read more about the framework here. 

In this section of the website, we provide a portfolio of learning activities that were developed and organised as part of the project, to serve as inspiration for other cities interested in organising educational activities. 


Guidelines for Planning Your Own Learning Strategy

  1. Assess the current level on categories of public
  2. Set the desired level within the time horizon
  3. Formulate your strategy

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