Climathon Smolyan 2021

The Climathon in Smolyan was facilitated fully virtually under the motto “For cleaner, greener and more sustainable Smolyan in the future”, focusing on generating ideas inspired by the SDF Goals 7,11,12,13,14,15 and 17, and their respective channels. The event took place on November 25th and 26th, 2021 with over 50 participants from local high schools, divided into six teams, that was led by a group of mentors from the municipality of Smolyan as well as other professionals within the realm of energy and sustainability and urban development. 

During the initial stages of the organization of the Climathon, three main challenges were identified which were presented to the participants as a focus for the event. The climate-specific challenges were related to energy efficiency, waste management, and transport. The teams worked on the challenges that they considered important and developed solutions about how their city could be more sustainable in the future.

This event generated many ideas and useful insights for the +CityxChange project. It was fueled by an enthusiastic group of youth who were motivated to support the winning ideas to make real changes within their city. 

The Municipality of Smolyan has pledged it support to help implementing all the ideas from the Climathon whether through direct funding within existing programs on the subject or by assisting in securing funding for further research and development of the solution.

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