Join our challenge! #CityFromMyWindow

We invite citizens to be part of our challenge. Take a picture – or many if you want – of your city from the windows of your own house and share it on social media together with by the hashtag #CityFromMyWindow

We are all ‘Bored in a house, in a house bored’, so lets try to entertain ourselves. EU Smart Cities projects have started the campaign #CityFromMyWindow. Only together we can make it fun!

The purpose of this challenge is to make us feel a little bit closer despite social distancing and to show cities from a different perspective. Here is what you have to do:

  1. Go to your window
  2. Take a picture
  3. Post it with the hashtag #CityFromMyWindow

This initiative has been launched in cooperation with the cluster of H2020 Smart Cities projects.
Spread the word and take care!

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