Co-Creation of Positive Energy Blocks

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A main challenge in building carbon-neutral built environments is the ability to scale and replicate solutions. We examine how to develop low-carbon neighbourhoods and districts, while aiming at climate-friendly and sustainable livable urban environments. We take a view that not only scales up individual building solutions, but embraces the added complexities arising from the scale change and utilizes them for a novel approach. It includes a strong focus on co-creation and open innovation to develop sustainable solutions. In this contribution, we present the approach of the +CityxChange project in implementing Positive Energy Blocks (PEB) through a European H2020 project from the topic of Smart Cities and Communities. A PEB comprises several connected buildings that have an averaged yearly positive energy balance between them. This definition excludes embodied emissions, but allows to focus on the infrastructure and systems between buildings as part of the built environment, and ways to implement and incorporate them within existing cities. The +CityxChange approach relies on co-creating Europe-wide deployment of Positive Energy Districts, with Integrated Planning and Design, Creation of a Common Energy Market, and CommunityxChange with all stakeholders of the city.

Year: 2019

Authors: Ahlers, Dirk; Driscoll, Patrick; Wibe, Håvard; Wyckmans, Annemie

Conference: NordicZEB+, 1st Nordic conference on Zero Emission and Plus Energy Buildings, IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science

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