Limerick and Trondheim as front-runners in adopting innovative energy solutions for mid-sized cities

Limerick City and County Council Chief Executive Dr Pat Daly, and Trondheim Municipality Chief Executive Morten Wolden highlighted solutions and challenges that their cities are facing within the +CityxChange project, during the European Week of Regions and Cities in Brussels (7-10 October, 2019).

Dr. Pat Daly talked about the importance of transiting towards a sustainable energy generation, for both, Trondheim and Limerick, and the benefits that other EU medium-sized cities would have while replicating similar solutions. As stated by Dr. Pat Daly: “If we can crack the problem of sustainable energy generation within municipal boundaries, in Limerick and in Trondheim, it can be replicated in the other 600 Medium-sized cities across Europe. Innovative H2020 projects like this are vital for the long term energy security of the EU, and for tackling climate action in an inclusive way”.

On the other hand, Morten Wolden was a bit more critical towards being more proactive in providing new energy solutions for Norwegians. He mentioned that: “Norway has for more than 100 years benefitted from clean and cheap electricity from numerous hydropower plants around the country. This has, however, also made us Norwegians a bit lazy concerning energy efficiency and energy saving. An increasing city population calls for more efficient use of available energy, and new ways of providing our citizens with clean affordable energy. The +CityxChange project will help us find new and innovative ways of how we can meet future green energy needs”.

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