Písek joins the EneMaS project on energy management systems

Implementation of the energy management system and ISO 50001 certification – Obtaining Písek city certification for ISO 50001

Reducing CO2 emissions is one of today’s most pressing issues. Every organization can make some contribution to reducing its CO2 emissions. The fact that this can reduce costs also makes it attractive to do. An energy management system helps an organization work systematically on reducing its energy consumption. From the beginning of this year, Smart Písek has joined the EneMaS project which aims at managing the energy in the city in a more efficient way.

The purpose of the project is to establish an energy management system at the level of the municipal authority and managing organizations. This is mainly due to the creation of a dedicated position of an energy manager, formalization and implementation of energy management processes, deepening and automating the collection of energy data and their subsequent analysis.

ISO 50001 is a new international standard that sets requirements for the energy management system. The requirements of ISO 50001 certification will help you implement a system that identifies areas with high energy expenditure, focuses on reducing these energy expenditures and makes energy use more efficient – energy efficiency. It is the first global standard that comes after the EN 16001 (Energy Management Management System) and ISO (Internatinal Organization for Standartisation) assumes that up to 60% of the world’s energy can be saved in the global implementation of ISO 50001.

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