Sluppen City Lab opening in Trondheim

Over the past year and a half, partners have come together in the EU-project +CityxChange to develop forward thinking solutions within the energy sector.

Many partners gathered at Lager 11 in Trondheim on September 10th to exchange experiences so far within the project and to look at new business opportunities. At Lager 11 you’ll also find one of +CityxChange’ city labs. It was officially opened by the Minister of Local Government and Modernisation, Nikolai Aastrup. The lab provides information about the Sluppen area and about the project and its partners.

The work and effort put into this project is quite impressive” says Chief City Executive in Trondheim, Morten Wolden. Wolden opened the meeting together with Vice-Chancellor for Innovation at NTNU, Toril A. Nagelhus Hernes. They explained how +CityxChange facilitate public-private cooperation for innovation and co-creation on a sustainability perspective.

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