Day: October 28, 2022

New energy market in Trondheim is now being tested

The kick-off for testing a separate flexibility market for electricity took place at Brattøra, a neighborhood in Trondheim, on July 4th, 2022. For the first time, building owners are able to share electricity between their own buildings and trade electricity with neighboring businesses. This is a huge step forward in electricity trading, and power sales between neighboring buildings will help us utilize locally available power. We assume that 10 percent of all electricity consumption is flexible and can be moved in terms of time and volume.

As of today, there are no incentives for neighboring buildings to cooperate on production and consumption of energy, and we believe that Trondheim and Norway as a whole have a huge potential to save space when developing grids if energy sharing is built into the system. The opportunities associated with the sale of electricity between buildings are numerous, and allow us to more efficiently use available electricity. This test has the potential to empower the development of energy grids in the future and make big differences both locally in Trondheim, and globally.

We are testing the energy market in several places currently, with Trønderenergi, a Norwegian company, currently responsible for establishing and operating the market. We will soon expand into other urban areas in partnership with other companies, such as R. Kjeldsberg . This project is also a collaboration between Trondheim municipality, ABB, Volue, IOTA, as well as the building owners who participate. In addition, +CityxChange collaborates with Enova’s large-scale project; Brattøra Mikronett, along with Entra, Skanska, Trondheim municipality and others. In other words, this project is made possible thanks to the collaboration between many different people working to spur innovation and contribute to the future of energy positive neighbors.

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