D10.16: 5 Conference Papers and 5 Scientific Articles

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The deliverable D10.16: 5 Conference Papers and 5 Scientific Articles was submitted by UL in October 2023 with contributions from NTNU and ISOCARP. The executive summary of the deliverable is available below and the full deliverable is at the end for download:

“This report contains a summary record of +CityxChange peer reviewed conference papers and scientific journal articles from the project implementation period of November 2018 to October 2023. This scientific dissemination forms part of WP10 Dissemination and Communication and supports the objective of WP10 to disseminate project outcomes across Europe.

These scientific publications are intended to support the validity of the innovation activities and demonstration projects and to promote the development and exploitation of +CityxChange open innovation and cross-cutting results through research. This deliverable is connected to activities carried out in Task 10.5.

A tracker of publications was developed internally and updated periodically during project implementation. It supports overall tracking for an overview in the project, for the periodic review, and to ensure an internal publication process around IP rights and agreement on content. The list included in this report is based on this tracker. In total, 15 peer reviewed journal articles, 11 peer reviewed publications in conference proceedings. Other publications that have not been peer-reviewed are recorded where they were of specific importance. The target was 5 of each main category, which was overachieved.

Additional outreach activities happened through other channels, including the project website and Deliverables. Publications are also linked in the project Knowledge Base.”

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