LHC Trondheim presents at Digital Davos

The LHC Trondheim +CxC team attended Digital Davos in Switzerland on the 22nd of September! We presented on three main topics: 1) why we’ve had the successes that we’ve had, 2) how we systematically approach mobility, and 3) how we work with energy and mobility. Data is at the forefront of how we share what we do, allowing us to communicate our successes through the numbers. 

LHC Trondheim has anchored support from the highest levels of government in its endeavors to facilitate the green transition and promote the initiatives of +CxC. Energy is a very important topic both across Europe and globally, and the Norwegian government believes that for the sake of the planet, adaptation and innovation are critical.

As a municipality, Trondheim works with energy and mobility at all levels, building off of existing knowledge and asking, what do our inhabitants already know about their options for energy and mobility, and how can more sustainable options be incorporated into their everyday lives? We work together with citizens to cocreate projects and strive to inform the public about what can be expected in the future. We believe this systematic and inclusive approach allows social mobility to thrive.

Thank you to all who participated in and supported the event, including Silja Rønningsen, Tom Jensen, Bjørn Ove Berthelsen, and Klaus Livik.

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