LHC Trondheim wins third place for Smartgrid center’s innovation prize

LHC Trondheim is very honored to have received third place for Smartgrid centre’s innovation prize for 2022. The theme of the award this year was “Pioneer projects in Norway that have contributed to the green shift through the development and utilization of the energy system using secure digital solutions”. 

After being nominated into the top 3, we were able to present at their annual conference in Norway and demonstrate our value, explaining how we have contributed to the green shift. +CityxChange is continuously launching projects in Trondheim for more efficient energy utilization, local energy systems which use renewable energy, and energy storage, based on solutions developed by Norwegian partners.

The aim of innovation award is to spotlight pioneering activities within smart grids, and in this way increase the dissemination of concepts and best practices across the industry. We are very grateful to have been given the chance to present at the conference, and are excited to have won third place!

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