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The deliverable 3.6, Framework for DPEB Innovation Labs, was submitted by University of Limerick and Colaborativa, in October 2020. The executive summary of the deliverable is available below and the full deliverable at the end for download:

”This report describes a framework for the implementation of DPEB Innovation Labs in +CityxChange LHCs and FCs and the enhancement of existing centres where they exist. A +CityxChange DPEB Innovation Lab is defined as a dedicated centre for digital innovation within a city focused on the creation and replication of DPEBs. It comprises a Programme, and virtual and physical locations, or network of locations, where the implementation of the +CityxChange Innovation Playground can become manifest. Located physically and conceptually within the +CityxChange Innovation Playground, key stakeholders and users of DPEB Innovation Labs include government, academia, business, and civil society representing the four actors of the quadruple helix model of innovation.

The objectives of DPEB Innovation Labs include:
● Initiating new collaborative operating structures.
● Cultivating an Open Innovation 2.0 ecosystem for entrepreneurs and start-ups.
● Supporting competition and innovation in the creation and replication of DPEBs.
● Enabling a permeable culture of co-creation in the city.

DPEB Innovation Labs:
● Host open challenges to develop solutions to progress the creation of DPEBs.
● Provide a place where the design and operation of DPEBs are visualised and analysed.
● Are connected to the +CityxChange ICT ecosystem enabling access to data and visualisation tools.
● Directly integrate with city participatory processes and city governance systems including the development of the Bold City Vision.
● Host active learning processes.
● Enable access to the +CityxChange Citizen Observatory system.

This Framework for DPEB Innovation Labs contains:
● A Step-by-step Process to initiate and implement a DPEB Innovation Lab in a city.
● Guidance on collaborative operating structures for orchestrators and users of the DPEB Innovation Lab including Open Innovation 2.0 Principles of the DPEB Innovation Lab.
● A list of potential DPEB Innovation Lab Ingredients arranged as elements using the structure developed in D3.3: Framework for Innovation Playgrounds and including:
1. Places: Physical locations, tools and equipment and virtual locations supporting DPEB Innovation Lab collaborations.
2. Data: Describing linkages to the +CityxChange ICT Ecosystem and the Decision Support Tool (DST).
3. Enabling Mechanisms: Enabling DPEB Innovation Lab stakeholders put in place different aspects of an Innovation Lab.
4. Activities: Which can be assembled to create the DPEB Innovation Lab Programme.

Finally, this report suggests how DPEB Innovation Labs can be sustained beyond the duration of the +CityxChange project, through embedding their operation in the cycle of city governance and expanding their scope to encompass the sustainable transition of the city as expressed in its Bold City Vision.

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