D4.3: Limerick Innovation Lab Solutions Catalogue 1

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The deliverable 4.3, Limerick Innovation Lab Solutions Catalogue 1, was submitted by University of Limerick, in October 2020. The executive summary of the deliverable is available below and the full deliverable at the end for download:

”The Innovation Playground is defined in D3.3: Framework for Innovation Playgrounds (Crowe & Mee, 2020). The objective of its establishment in Limerick’s Demonstration Area is to enable the local authority, energy providers, businesses, citizens and communities to test and prototype innovative ideas to allow a movement towards the establishment of DPEBs (Distributed Positive Energy Blocks) in the city.

This deliverable will offer an account of the implementation of the Innovation Playground in Limerick, starting with the introduction of the local context in Section 2. Considerations in D3.3: Framework for Innovation Playgrounds outline how this framework situates itself within the city and within-and-between the local authority and other stakeholders.

Elements of the framework include the Innovation Lab – defined in D3.6: Framework for DPEB Innovation Labs (Fitzgerald et al., 2020) and the Do-It-Together training workshops and processes to encourage citizen participation defined in D3.2: Delivery of the Citizen Participation Playbook (Burón & Sánchez, 2020), which are deployed by Limerick City and County Council working with the University of Limerick and other +CityxChange partners.

In Section 3 we will describe the Tools used throughout the implementation and present the catalogue of Solutions in Section 4. To determine what is to be presented, we include ongoing discussions on local definitions of the term ‘Solution’. Section 5 will describe our conclusions based on the implementation to date and partial implementation of the first Open Call process.

This deliverable is the first of a series of two within Task T4.5: Implementation of an Innovation Playground, which continues until October 2021. The final deliverable D4.10: Limerick Innovation Lab Solutions Catalogue 2 will update and supplement this document
and catalogue. Deliverable D4.10 will include the updated set of solutions following the completed implementation, the other frameworks as described, that are currently being finalised, and tools such as LCCC’s City Engage Portal which are currently in development.

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