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The deliverable D4.8: Limerick Citizen Observatory was submitted by LCCC and UL with contributions from LCCC, COL, MPower, and SE in October 2022. The executive summary of the deliverable is available below and the full deliverable is at the end for download:

“+CityxChange aims to engage with citizens to enable and empower them to create a more sustainable future. A key objective of the +CityxChange project is to co-develop solutions with citizens, change citizen behaviour, and boost participation in the clean energy transition by establishing new methods of citizen engagement and participation that can be replicated by follower cities. By trialling these methods in Limerick and embedding them into local frameworks the project aims to establish a new dynamic of collaboration that will enable local communities and administrative structures to adapt to the challenges resulting from climate change.

This deliverable describes the implementation of Task 4.3 Community-Led Open Innovation in Limerick which focuses on creating an open innovation ecosystem that fosters and influences positive energy behaviour across a wide stakeholder group of individuals, government, and business. It will document the development and establishment of a Citizens’ Observatory for the city as well as the engagement programme of community participation events and the establishment of a Positive Energy Champions Network as a means to empower citizens through community-led open innovation.

This report will detail the implementation of the CommunityxChange engagement frameworks which draw on Deliverables including D3.2 Delivery of the Citizen Participation Playbook, D3.3 Framework for Innovation Playgrounds, and D3.5 Framework for a Positive Energy Champion Network.

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