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The deliverable D7.11: Data Collection and Management Guideline Reports 3 was submitted by KPMG FA with contributions from LCCC, UL, ISOCARP, MP, NTNU and KPMG FA in November 2022. The executive summary of the deliverable is available below and the full deliverable is at the end for download:

“The objective of Task 7.4, Developing Practical Recommendations and Guideline Reports based on +CityxChange Results, is to create practical recommendations and guideline reports which detail, analyse and interpret the aggregated data collected during the M&E process, and deliver recommendations related to the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), energy, community, mobility, environmental and regulatory interventions implemented in the project. The guidelines and recommendations in this report were produced through a data triangulation process, incorporating qualitative feedback from partners, KPI data generated by the design and execution of +CityxChange 2 Demonstration Projects (DPs), and by leveraging the knowledge generated through the project (e.g. deliverables, events, storytelling and learning workshops, meeting minutes).

Previous iterations of this deliverable, namely Deliverable 7.5 – Data Collection and Management Guideline Report 1 (D7.5), and Deliverable 7.8 – Data Collection and 3 Management Guidelines Report 2 (D7.8) have focused on developing and detailing the 4 mechanism for conducting qualitative evaluation. This mechanism includes processes to identify and select interventions, classify them into themes and link them to associated evaluation guidelines, record and facilitate feedback collection (e.g. post-activity interviews, feedback forms), monitor progress and identify lessons learnt through comprehensive M&E processes including: feedback analysis received from partners, review of associated project documentation, alignment to international best practices (e.g. SCC1 M&E task group). All of the above allow Work Package 7 (WP7) to ensure that a robust and conclusive M&E process is set in place and that actionable guidelines and recommendations are being produced as result.

Deliverable 7.11 – Data Collection and Management Guidelines Report 3 (D7.11) offers an update on the functioning of the Evaluation Framework and provides clear recommendations and guidelines that have been produced in the reporting period between June 2021 (submission of D7.8) and October 2021. Five topics were explored, each offering specific recommendations which are built upon in Section 2.2. Table 1 provides a brief overview of recommendations. The central theme of feedback collected from partners within this specific reporting period is Community Engagement (Project Theme 7). This, however, led to the emergence of other key topics for analysis such as the ones listed in Table 1 below. These will be discussed in further detail in Section 3.1.2.

Table 1: Overview of Recommendations

The deliverable also includes future considerations and upcoming interventions for the next reporting period (October 2021 – September 2022). The topics listed above will inform future discussions and form the basis of lessons learned and recommendations in the next reporting period.”

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