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The deliverable D7.12: Reporting to the SCIS System 6 was submitted by FAC/KPMG FA with contributions from NTNU, LCCC, MPOWER, and 4C in June 2022. The executive summary of the deliverable is available below and the full deliverable is at the end for download:

“This report, Deliverable 7.12: Reporting to the SCIS (6), is part of a series of bi-annual reports and is the sixth iteration in the series; being the subsequent revision of the previous version, Deliverable 7.10: Reporting to the SCIS (5) submitted in Month 30 of the +CityxChange project.

During the reporting period WP7 has seen further engagement between all relevant KPI owners and KPMG FA; towards the refinement of KPI calculations, the resolution of data reporting issues, the pursuit of alignment in KPI data for the purposes of SRT reporting, and the further enhancement of MERT features and functionality – as feedback emerges through use.

As with prior periods, it has become necessary for KPI descriptions, scope and calculations to be reviewed and adjusted as and where necessary – due to changing circumstances in data availability and adapting to challenges encountered in conforming this data to reporting standards on an ongoing basis. This process has been facilitated within WP7, and is ongoing so that all KPIs can be captured and reported to the MERT and/or the SRT as compatible.

The MERT has undergone a number of updates and refinements to front- and back-end processes during the period in an effort to deliver a more efficient and functional dashboard and tool. Work on the MERT has included the adjustment of layout and design to improve the user interface experience, and the further testing of APIs to enable automated data sharing to the MERT.

As of writing of this deliverable, data for 14 KPIs had been submitted to the MERT, with a total of 19 KPIs having monitoring data reported. Proposals on potentially compatible ways to bridge the gap between KPI data headers / data points and SCM SRT have been developed with multiple SRT configuration options proposed to find a suitable and representative data capturing configuration that will be operable.

Within the reporting period, three KPIs were classified as potentially incompatible given their data issues and two KPIs were deemed theoretically compatible should data come on stream. Other KPIs are still subject to review. This collaborative process continues with KPI owners, however, WP7 may consider assessing the overall viability of aligning with SRT reporting in the next reporting period.

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