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The deliverable D7.16: Reporting to the SCIS System 9 was submitted by KPMG FA in August 2023 with contributions from LCCC, MPOWER, TK, R2M, OV and GoCar. The executive summary of the deliverable is available below and the full deliverable is at the end for download:

“This report, Deliverable 7.16: Reporting to the SCIS (9), is part of a series of bi-annual reports and is the eighth iteration in the series; being the subsequent revision of the previous version, Deliverable 7.15: Reporting to the SCIS (8) which provided an overview of KPI performance as of Month 48 of the +CityxChange project.

During this 6-month reporting period, Work Package (WP) 7 has conducted workshops with KPI owners on the basis of reporting frequency (monthly, bi-annual and annual). These workshops differ from the workshops which were held in the previous reporting period which finalised KPI calculations, KPI definitions and successfully resolved any remaining data reporting issues before the beginning of the final Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) Phase from M48 to M60.

The workshops conducted in the reporting period for D7.16 were held in order to align partners’ expectations and queries in relation to visualisations of the Monitoring & Exchange Reporting Tool for all 33 KPIs. The workshops also ensured all KPI owners partners had necessary access to the MERT in order to provide the most up to date data for their KPIs.

This Deliverable therefore also can report the complete status for all KPIs as of Month 54 of the project.

Furthermore, after consultation regarding the Smart Cities Marketplace – Self Reporting Tool, WP7 have proceeded to submit data from the BEST tables provided by the Lighthouse Cities (LHCs). Baseline data for Limerick and the first four years (2018 baseline – 2022) for Trondheim have been submitted. Final data submission will occur in M59/M60 in the final year of the project. The steps taken in submitting the data via the BEST tables are expanded upon in Section 5 of the deliverable.

Updates to the MERT during the reporting period focused on the gathering and submission of KPI data. With the updates to the MERT system carried out in the previous reporting period, WP7’s focus will turn over the remaining months of the project on upkeep of the system and the migration of the system as per Task 7.5: Migration of monitoring and evaluation system, which will be described in D7.18.”

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