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The deliverable D8.1: Report on Market and Stakeholder analysis was submitted by Research2Market (R2M) with contributions from NTNU, IOTA, FAC (now KPMG FA), MPOWER, GKINETIC, ABB, and 4C in April 2022. The executive summary of the deliverable is available below and the full deliverable is at the end for download:

“This report presents the market and stakeholder analysis for specific solutions developed in the +CityxChange project. This work has been conducted as part of the Replication package within Task 8.3: Market and stakeholder analysis to understand exploitation potential of +CityxChange solutions. The report is structured in four main thematic sections:

● Market segmentation as addressed by the key results of the +CityxChange project
● Market analysis of the Lighthouse Countries
● Feasibility assessment of the Follower Countries
● Stakeholder analysis

The objective of the work presented in this report is to identify the attractiveness and dynamics of the different particular markets of the +CityxChange solutions. The data gathered support the identification of market size and trends, drivers, regulations, incentives and legal aspects. Additionally, with regards to the stakeholders, their expectations and benefits are mapped to understand how to leverage and engage them. This market analysis focuses on the particular characteristics of the Positive Energy Districts/Blocks (PED/PEB) market, as well as a series of specific markets linked with the exploitable results identified so far in the project (i.e. Urban planning and design software, Local Energy Systems, E-Mobility and Innovative Renewable energy sources). The information collected and analysed will support the consortium to determine business plan strategies, providing information to the consortium partners to best define exploitation strategy for each commercially exploitable result based on their relevant market.

The report forms part of Work Package 8 “Scaling-up, Replication and Exploitation”, dedicated to the replication of +CityxChange solutions in the Lighthouse cities, Follower cities and further EU cities, and the commercialisation of +CityxChange exploitable results. This Work Package will define the business case and replication scenarios for the +CityxChange solutions, ensuring maximum economic, societal and environmental impact of the +CityxChange project.

The activities created within Work Package 8 will draw upon the experiences of all partners across all Work Packages. The technologies and methodologies developed in Work Packages 1, 2 and 3 form the basis for the +CityxChange solutions. These solutions are demonstrated and validated in the Lighthouse Cities and replicated in the Follower Cities as part of Work Packages 4, 5 and 6. The results of these demonstration activities help to identify which solutions have maximal impact in their local context and provide valuable input for the accompanying business cases and replication scenarios. Through activities in Work Packages 9 and 10, Work Package 8 can engage with relevant stakeholders to disseminate the validated +CityxChange solutions and gain market traction.”

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