D9.16: +CityxChange storytelling workshops, inviting other LHCs and FCs 3

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The deliverable D9.16: +CityxChange storytelling workshops, inviting other LHCs and FCs 3 was submitted by ISOCARP with contributions from NTNU, LCCC, TK, MAI, SB, MP, SMO, VORU, and COL in April 2022. The executive summary of the deliverable is available below and the full deliverable is at the end for download:

” This deliverable describes the approach for the Storytelling workshops and then reports on the virtual storytelling with Sestao (October 2020) and the virtual storytelling with Smolyan during our last consortium meeting (October 2021). Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, the storytelling workshops have been organised virtually. This is described in more detail in D9.7 Report on Intra-Project Collaboration, Including Study Visits and Peer to Peer Workshops and following reports.

This deliverable includes detailed outcomes from the virtual Storytelling with Sestao in October 2020 which was initially mentioned in D9.11 CityxChange storytelling workshops, inviting other LHCs and FCs 2 and it adds this year’s virtual Storytelling event that was organised in collaboration with Smolyan. This deliverable intends to integrate the outcomes as much as possible.

These Storytelling workshops are an integral part of the knowledge development and exchange in- and outside the +CityxChange project and are embedded in the Work Package 9 – Intra-Project Collaboration and Clustering. The deliverable is contributing to Task 9.3: Extra-Project Cooperation with existing LHCs and FCs through clustering events run by +CityxChange consortium, focusing on the exchange with other Lighthouse and Follower Cities. Led by ISOCARP Institute, the Storytelling Workshops are jointly organised with the Work Package Lead, NTNU, as well as the +CityxChange cities. To ensure an active exchange with other stakeholders and SCC-01 projects, representatives of the projects are invited to the workshops.

This deliverable is the third of five annual reports on storytelling workshops and the series will report on a total of ten workshops which will be carried out bi-annually over the course of the project. The workshops are organised as part of the yearly consortium meetings and intermediary Learning Workshops. The lead partner together with the coordinator will decide how to restructure Storytelling workshops in 2022.”

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