D10.6: Plan for Dissemination and Exploitation of +CityxChange project results

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The deliverable 10.6, Plan for Dissemination and Exploitation of +CityxChange project results, was submitted by ISOCARP in October 2019 and describes the updated communication and dissemination approach and strategy of the project. Following, the executive summary of the deliverable:

“This document is a revised version of D10.1: Plan for dissemination and exploitation of +CityxChange project results1, which provides the framework for dissemination and exploitation activities of the +CityxChange project (connected to Task 10.1: Communication and Dissemination Management ). This document is revised annually and supersedes the previous version. It is composed of 1) the outline of the communication goals; 2) the context in which the goals have to be implemented; 3) the formulation of a strategy and a detailed plan; 4) the organisation, tasks and roles; and 5) the means or delivery channels. Additional to smaller adaptations to the first version, it integrates elements from D10.2: Consortium identity and templates2, D10.3: Project website and social media3, D10.4: Project leaflet in local languages4, D10.5: List of targeted media and partnerships5, as well as two deliverables submitted simultaneously in month 12: D10.7: Press kits about the project for each city, and D9.6: Report on storytelling and clustering events6.

Furthermore, the deliverable provides an overview of the communication activities of the first year, the achieved outreach through different channels, and a compilation of the preparatory internal and external activities which aim at supporting the further process of communicating and disseminating the project and its progress and outcomes.

The target audiences of the communication have been divided into two clusters:

  1. Local audiences and stakeholders in the +CityxChange cities;
  2. The broader community of practice, research, governance.

Based on the goals and the context a strategy is formulated. The strategy itself is short and concise and includes three elements:

  • Gearbox for embedment into the wider community of practice. This is how the project will address the broader community of practice;
  • Local involvement. This is about communication at the city level and the contribution of engagement to the research project. The cities will form a roundtable or learning community to exchange best practises;
  • Tracking and monitoring. This is to measure the reach and impact of engagement and communication.

The goal of the communication activities will change over the course of the project: first to inform, then to engage to collect and validate, then knowledge transfer and finally dissemination of result. A wide scope of means will be used as delivery methods. The means are integrated across multiple work packages to support and reinforce the project and maximise the impact of its outcomes.”

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