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The deliverable 10.4, Project leaflet in local languages, was submitted by ISOCARP in April 2019 and contains the English general project flyer, and the city-specific leaflets in both English and respective local language. Following, the executive summary of the deliverable:

“The main objective of WP10 is the effective communication and dissemination of the +CityxChange project across stakeholders and the general public. A wide range of working dissemination tools and materials will be established within the first year, serving as a support for both internal project communication and reaching out to external stakeholder and the general public.

This document describes the context of the deliverable 10.4; project leaflets in local languages. It is an initial flyer about the project for an overall project overview and an adapted localised version for all cities within +CityxChange. The dissemination material of deliverable 10.4 is translated by the LHC and FC and made available in all project languages. Two types of leaflets are created: The first is a general flyer which describes the broader context of the project. The second consists of one general page about the project and a back with city-specific information of each individual city and the context and project location. The produced flyers are the first part of the press kits which will be developed in deliverable 10.7 (M12) and regularly updated. The English versions of the leaflets are mainly for international presentations of +CityxChange, while the local language versions can be used for local and national events.”

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