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The deliverable 7.2, Reporting to the SCIS system, was submitted by Future Analytics Consulting in June 2019. Following, the executive summary of the deliverable:

“This deliverable constitutes the initial outline report to the Smart Cities Information System (SCIS) for the +CityxChange project (824260). This is the first of 10 reports to be completed which will be carried out at 6-month intervals across the project. At this early stage the primary aim of this first report is to present the work carried out to date to prepare the +CityxChange SCIS instance for data input, to understand the divergence from the SCIS with respect to our project Key Performance Indicators, and, in order to set out the process for further reporting over the coming months and years. It is anticipated that future data points will be added to the SRT and summary reports will be generated via the SCIS system.

The month 6 delivery of the Deliverable 7.1 Standardised Approach to Monitoring and Evaluation is a prerequisite for cities in collecting data that adheres to an agreed single approach for data collection across the project in relation to KPIs. As such the report focuses more on what baselines have been established to date and what data has been collected by month 6.

When data collection or processing is started, the SCIS Reports will be updated accordingly to include updated KPI data points, data summaries, metadata, compliance, an export output from Self-Reporting Tool (SRT) where possible. Processing of personal data will respect data protection principles. 

This document provides an overview of data handling with respect to the SCIS and provides the initial guidelines for the project. The inputs to the SRT will support openness according to the EU principle “as open as possible, as closed as necessary” together with the project ambition of “Open by Default”.

This is the first +CityxChange monitoring report, which provides a snapshot of the trends and development of the +CityxChange project and its Lighthouse and Follower cities and are based on evidence collected through the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), which were developed to reflect the progress on activities carried out under the various work packages on the project.

In accordance with the guidance from the SCIS on timeframes for reporting and key milestones, the +CityxChange project at month 6 has completed most of the year objectives set out by SCIS. Specifically, upskilled on usage of SRT, principal actors identified, and credentials assigned, Field of Actions built for SCIS KPIs. Usage of the SCIS as a monitoring tool can now begin as early as month 7 on the project.

As of the 7th of June 2019, the SCIS SRT does not have a functional reporting tool to export/generate a report on KPI progress. Due to this limitation on reporting ability, and the non-alignment of a number of project KPIs to the SRT’s fields of action, an approach has been followed where project data will primarily be collated in the +CityxChange M&E Reporting Tool (MERT) from where reports, visualisations and insights will be derived.

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