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The Legacy of +CityxChange

Over five years ago, we came together to embark on a journey to develop and build Positive Energy Districts (PEDs) in smart sustainable cities and communities. Coordinated by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), the smart city project involved two Lighthouse Cities, Trondheim (Norway) and Limerick (Ireland), and

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Trondheim successfully implements local energy and flexibility market

+CityxChange partner, Aneo (formerly Trønderenergi), a Nordic renewable energy company, has successfully developed and deployed a novel solution for local energy and flexibility markets (LFM) in the two Positive Energy Blocks, Brattøra and Sluppen, located in Lighthouse City Trondheim. As a Horizon 2020 project, +CityxChange aims to pilot integrated, innovative,

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Turbine in the water!

From the 19th to the 21st of September 2023, GKinetic Energy deployed a 12kW hydrokinetic tidal turbine just downstream of Sarsfield Bridge on the river Shannon, in central Limerick City. Backed by the Limerick City Council and other local partners, this represents a major step forward towards utilising the river

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+CityxChange Final Conference in Trondheim

We are thrilled to announce the upcoming Final Event for +CityxChange! Join us from 3rd to 5th October* in Trondheim for a series of insightful sessions on the future of Positive Energy Districts and communities. During the event we will share implementation experiences and lessons learned from our project, as

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Children’s Designathon held in Smolyan

On the 25th of March, Sky Hub Smolyan welcomed 25 children to participate in the city’s first Designathon, part of the Global Children Design Marathon (Global Children Designathon). The event was organized by Community centre “Future now” in partnership with the Municipality of Smolyan as part of the initiative Next

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Smolyan’s successful bid for EUCF

The city of Smolyan is very happy to announce that in December 2022 it became one of the beneficiaries in the 4th call of the European City Facility (EUCF) grant.   The main objective of the proposed project is to expand the concept of PEBs that have been developed during

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Testing Car-Sharing at Trondheim Grocery Stores

Trondheim’s many successes are directly linked to sustainable value creation through public/private partnerships. One of the municipality’s current initiatives is to promote shared mobility and green restructuring through local car-sharing. Trondheim Kommune, together with one of the largest grocery store chains in Norway, REMA 1000 i Norge, and three car-sharing companies

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Entering the last year of Monitoring & Evaluation

The final Monitoring & Evaluation phase is an exciting time for the +CityxChange project! This phase is where the lessons learned from the previous five years of the project come together to form the final report on challenges, lessons learned and recommendations from the Lighthouse and Follower Cities. WP7, led

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An Inspiring Learning Session in Sestao

Last week +CityxChange kicked off the first of four Learning Sessions that will occur over the following months in preparation for our final event in Trondheim. As the project comes to a close, the Learning Sessions are an opportunity to understand the key takeaways from the project, including challenges and

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LHC Limerick’s Citizens’ Observatory

Citizen engagement is key to successful energy transitions, with citizens playing critical roles in co-developing localized solutions and adapting behaviors. One of the primary objectives of the +CityxChange project is to trial new methods of citizen engagement and participation in the Lighthouse Cities and Fellow Cities, embedding participatory procedures into

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Trondheim has established two Positive Energy Blocks

European cities are experiencing rapid growth, resulting in strained energy grids and carbon-intensive energy systems. With climate change-fueled energy consumption targets, coupled with energy shortages and rising levels of energy poverty, the present European energy situation requires innovation and implementation of energy efficiency mechanisms, as well as a system-wide shift

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+CityxChange at the Smart City Expo World Congress 2022

From November 15th-17th, you can find us at Booth B21 in Hall 2 of the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona! As one of the 30 projects of European Smart Cities and Communities (ESCC) under the umbrella of the European Commission, we are looking forward to sharing our experiences

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LHC Trondheim presents at Digital Davos

LHC Trondheim has always anchored support in the highest levels of government, with all levels of it supporting the green transition and +CxC’s work. Energy is a very important topic both across Europe and globally, and the government here supports that for the sake of the planet we need to adapt.

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