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SCIS Positive Energy Districts solution booklet

The Smart Cities Information System (SCIS) Solution Booklet on “Positive Energy Districts” is out now. Positive Energy Districts (PEDs) are gaining importance, both as urban innovation labs and as concrete, on-the-ground projects for creating future proof, energy-positive and climate-neutral urban living environments. Where do they come from and why should

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Sluppen City Lab opening in Trondheim

Over the past year and a half, partners have come together in the EU-project +CityxChange to develop forward thinking solutions within the energy sector. Many partners gathered at Lager 11 in Trondheim on September 10th to exchange experiences so far within the project and to look at new business opportunities.

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Placemaking through Stories – Localising Citizen Engagement

On the 20th of October 2020, ISOCARP Institute hosted the 3rd +CityxChange Stoyreliing Workshop in a digital format, as part of our annual consortium meeting.  The aim of the workshop was to understand and reflect on storytelling as a tool for citizen engagement and communication. The event lasted around two

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Limerick City Engage Week 2 – Renewable Energy

Limerick City and County Council in collaboration with +CityxChange partners hosted a full engagement week of nine online webinars and workshops from the 14 to the 19 September on the theme of renewable energy. The target for this engagement week was owners and occupiers of buildings in the Georgian neighbourhood

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City Engage Week to focus on Local Renewable Energy in Limerick

City Engage Week will take place from 14-18 September 2020 and is focused on the theme of local renewable energy, culminating on Culture Night where the highlights of the week will be on display.  Limerick City and County Council wants to hear your opinions and ideas about co-creating a sustainable low

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Re-Imagine Limerick’s Georgian Laneways: Green Museum II

As part of +CityxChange project, Limerick city is hoping to create a new community to drive innovation and fight climate change by working towards a positive energy city! Limerick Mental Health Association is one of five community groups selected for this pilot programme and have partnered with the Hunt Museum

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+CityxChange Newsletter – July 2020

+CityxChange‘s forth newsletter has been distributed in July 2020. Please feel welcome to read the newsletter online here and distribute it to your network. This month’s newsletter contains the most important news and updates of the last three months from our project. During the last months it has been necessary

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Celebrating Solidarity across EU Cities with #CityFromMyWindow

Since March, lockdowns have been reinforced by numerous states in Europe. The SCC01 projects launched a social media campaign on April called #CityFromMyWindow to promote solidarity among citizens Since the COVID-19 outbreak, citizens have been advised by their national governments to stay at home as much as possible. Given the

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SCIS Citizen Engagement Solution Booklet

Cities around the world are looking for ways to address the true needs of their citizens, with a deep level of engagement and co-agency. At the same time, citizens themselves are eager to have more impact on their living environment. Citizen engagement, a way of actively involving citizens in the

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Struggling with the lockdown? A hashtag can help

With the outbreak of Coronavirus cities have to face a completely new situation. Even the simplest daily tasks have to be rethought to ensure social distancing and support to persons in need. To embrace this challenge, cities are developing and implementing new ideas which will make them more resilient, stronger

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