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University of Limerick campus accommodates first Electric Car Sharing Vehicle

In Limerick, +CityxChange partners are exploring eMobility. Recently, the University of Limerick and GoCar agreed to provide a parking space and permit in the busy UL campus car park for an electric car sharing vehicle, a Hyundai Kona with a 64 kWh battery. The car park is already equipped with an ESB 22kW Type 2 / AC43 dual port electric vehicle charge point, and the shared EV will be available to the public from February 2023 until the end of the project.

eMobility as a Service (eMaaS) is a concept that involves the use of technology to support integration and multi-modal electric vehicle travel. It represents the transition away from depending on personally-owned transport to a model based on mobility provided as a Service. eMaaS hubs create additional e-mobility types for users with the inclusion of electric bike share and in some markets also electric scooters (while currently e-scooters are not legislated for in Limerick or Ireland yet).

Check out the latest deliverable, D4.5: eMobility in Limerick DPEB Implementation Guide, to learn more about what has been accomplished. This report describes and details:

  • The implementation of the +CityxChange Limerick project, and it demonstrates Seamless eMobility, including an eMaaS scheme with proposed V2G integration in Limerick City.
  • The different actors involved, their roles and responsibilities and the proposed electric Car Sharing scheme and its vehicles deployed.
  • The barriers encountered which prevented full implementation of the task.
  • Important experiences and learning points.

In the photo above, Chris Fogarty, Energy Manager/Quality Team Leader at University of Limerick is pictured with Mantas Valasinas, GoCar representative for Limerick at the handover of “GoCar UL 3’.