The Current | Holiday Newsletter 2021

The Current

Holiday Edition

Special Issue

December 2021

This is the season of (positive) change!

+CityxChange would like to wish you a positive, joyful, and safe holiday! And, warm (energy positive) wishes for the New Year! 

Amidst the difficulties we have faced over the year, +CityxChange is proud to say we have found ways to achieve great things! We would like to share a few highlights on recent project activities and results, as we wrap up the year.


Climathon Smolyan 2021

The Climathon in Smolyan was facilitated fully virtually under the motto “For cleaner, greener and more sustainable Smolyan in the future”, focusing on generating ideas inspired by the SDF Goals 7,11,12,13,14,15 and 17, and their respective channels. 


Limerick Innovation Lab

The +Limerick Citizen’s Innovation Lab is a new way Co- creating the future we want to live in.of engaging members of the public, groups and organisations in helping to create Limerick’s future.

Delegation visit of Polish city of Zdunska Wola to Sestao

Eight representatives (and interpreter) from the Polish city of Zdunska Wola, including the mayor, came to visit Northern Spain. The purpose of the visit is to familiarize the representatives with the Smart City solutions and the project “60+ Smart City: innovations as a result of intergenerational cooperation”.

Students help companies make more sustainable choices in Trondheim

The UN Sustainability Center in Trondheim municipality has now established a separate sustainability clinic. There, Norwegian and international students help companies become more sustainable.



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Happy Holidays and Season Greetings from +CityxChange!