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October 2021

+CityxChange pushes Deployment, Replication, and M&E efforts

The project is heading into its fourth year and focuses on deployment, replication and M&E efforts. With over 69 deliverables submitted and a significant number of milestones achieved, the project team is proud of the ongoing dedication and commitment, especially under extraordinary circumstances over the last year and a half.


Fourth +CityxChange Consortium Meeting

On the 18th of October, the +CityxChange project kicked off its fourth consortium meeting. This time, the consortium meeting was held over 1.5 weeks with a series of smaller sessions to share project updates and hear the key experiences and results from each city. The meeting brings together all project partners including Lighthouse and Follower Cities.  

FourC Releases First Deployment of Real-time Mobility App

The first public release of FourC’s OEM MaaS real-time app is now available for the citizens of Trondheim and Trøndelag county. Branded as Mobee by Trondheim municipality, the app shows all mobility options for users at their location in real-time.

FourC AS

Una final map2

CityxChange Mapping Tool Moves to Follower Cities.

The +CityxChange Mapping Tool is an Innovation Playground tool which facilitates collaborative citizen engagement across all project cities. The tool will next be used by Pisek for their City Engage Week, and will move to Voru after that. The tool is an adaptable and agile mechanism for collaborating with citizens on the development of shared city visions, and is a visible marker of +CityxChange activity in each city.


IOTA Verification Service Has Been Developed.

The IOTA verification service is built to bring the benefits of decentralisation to critical data points (trades and energy monitoring) in an energy trading context. Energy selling assets such as solar panels can log data into IOTA streams, this causes the data to be immutable from entry point into the stream, and allows verification of a trade being executed.





Deliverables Completed

Research Outcomes

Interactive Dashboards

Project Timeline: 36/60 Months


Smolyan: Joining ‘Partnership for Adaptation to Climate Change’ 

Alba Iulia: BOX2M Energy Management Platform Implemented in PEB

Smolyan is about to sign the contract for project “Partnership for Adaptation to Climate Change” which has been approved by the Environment Protection and Climate Change Programme of the EEA Financial Mechanism. In this project Smolyan has formed a partnership with 3 other Bulgarian municipalities – Asenovgrad, Svilengrad and Krushari, the Pleiades Bulgaria Ltd – NTNU, the University for Science and Technology in Trondheim, Norway, with the Faculty for Architecture and Design. 

Smolyan Municipality

Alba Iulia implements a demonstration project at the Positive Energy Block site. This solution is complimentary with the +CityxChange project and was installed through project 5GVictory. BOX2M is part of the smart city program in Alba Iulia, and the energy management platform is a cloud-based solution. The tool can be virtually connected to energy and utility levels across the scales of building to smart city infrastructures. It acts as a smart data aggregator with a powerful reporting functionality that is cloud-based and easily adaptable. 

Limerick: Positive Energy Champions Campaign

Pisek: Citizen Engagement Week

The Positive Energy Champions Campaign has been underway in Limerick since April 2021. Twenty Limerick citizens volunteered to take positive energy action in their daily lives and share their experiences with their communities. The campaign is divided into three strands, Low Carbon Transport, Understanding Energy, Retrofit and Invest and Empowering Communities. +CityxChange partners have been mentoring and supporting the Champions through their campaigns. 

Limerick City and County Council

Citizen Engagement Week (“Hlava v Písku”) is a weekly event composed of activities of various city organizations and city departments. The purpose of this event is to raise citizens’ awareness of the city’s functions and activities. In addition to popularizing the city, the goal is to get feedback that could be used, for example, to improve the work of the office or the city.

Písek City and County Council

Limerick: Open Innovation Call – Take Control of your Energy

Limerick: Finalization of GKinetic River Turbines

Limerick’s Open Innovation Call #2, ‘Take Control of Your Energy’ is focused on generating and supporting new ideas that contribute to an ambitious ongoing goal for the city: creating a positive energy district, a compact area that actually produces more renewable energy than it consumes. Six project teams were awarded grant support through the project as part of the second Open Innovation Call in Limerick’s Georgian Neighbourhood. 

Limerick City and County Council

The hydrokinetic turbines being deployed in Limerick’s river Shannon by partner GKinetic have now released final designs, drawings, marine ops plan with planning and permitting application ready for submission. A visual representation of the three units to be deployed in April 2022 can be seen in the image above.

GKinetic Energy Ltd



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Coordination team

Annemie Wyckmans – Project coordinator
Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Dirk Ahlers – Project manager
Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Lighthouse City representatives:

Rosie Webb – Lighthouse City Coordinator, Limerick City and County Council
Urban and Village Renewal, Senior Architect,

Silja Rønningsen – Lighthouse City Coordinator,
Trondheim Kommune